Are You Thinking bout Hitting The Gym?

How to Get Ripped Muscles?

Do you know your body well? Building a toned and strong muscle is all man’s dream. We all know that we need to exercise hard to get ripped muscles. However, what type of exercise you will need depending on your body fat, stamina and metabolism, that you might not know appropriately.
Besides doing the hard work in the gym, you have to take the right food and sleep adequately to recover well and encourage the growth of muscle cells.

  1. Get an Idea About Your Ideal BMI
    Before doing anything else, get an idea about your body fat level first. Ask a professional what is your body fat level at present and what should be ideally. After that you can begin your exercises.
  2. Get Ripped Muscles with Heavy Weight Training
    Concentrating on heavy weight training should be one of the best answer to how to get ripped muscles.
  3. Reduce Cardio
    To get ripped muscles, you have to slow down a bit on the cardio. Put this factor after diet. Yes, diet control becomes more important than doing cardio when someone wants to get ripped muscles. After all, you do not want to lose the hard earned muscles doing cardio at this point of time.
  4. Discourage Exaggerrated Diet – It Kills Leptin
    By this we mean you should not starve yourself to get ripped muscles. If you do that, it will drop Leptin. Leptin is a hormone that helps to improve metabolism. So, if you starve yourself when you try to get ripped muscles, your body won’t be able to burn fat adequately.